Poem- Insanity’s Rippling Puddle

The eerie ripple of laughing cries,

Slowly expands in shivering confusion,

Under a horde of feeding flies,

Lies a carcass of childhood’s illusion,


Forever being changed by a pendant’s swing,

Hosting dimension to dimension,

Feeling energy’s melancholia sting,

After a bad taste of insanity’s retention,


This is where existing takes its toll,

With jitters of the final straw,

Making a heart as black as coal,

A finality in Nature’s law,


The beating of muffled drums,

Is like a breath of a dying wind,

Sensing of a monotonous numb,

That halts the pendant’s swing,


Inside branches clack,

within a mind cracking like brittle bones

Hunched over and deranged as a monstrous sack, 

A reflection quivering in addled moans.


Now bound in white suckling sedates, 

As my mother sobs her goodbyes, 

The fear of the whispers escalates, 

From the echoes of laughing cries.